Applaud Yourself!

Failure is talked about all the time but what about being mindful of your efforts and your success? What if the reason you are not succeeding is that you were not taught what to do if you succeed (because everyone is too focused on what to do if you fail? So, instead of failure, let’s talk about what to do if you succeed). 

First of all, in order to know whether you succeeded, you need to make sure your success is measurable. When doing this, you should keep a record, or list, of the things you wish to achieve. Once you have this list, you can rank them from smallest to biggest achievement. This will serve you as a reference point for your past achievements that you can revisit. By revisiting your accomplishments you will find it easier to praise yourself, because you know that this was an achievement you once dreamed about. So, clap for yourself even for the smallest achievements that you might not particularly think are significant.

Do not, I repeat, do not undervalue your work. A victory does not need to leave you exhausted before you can accept that it is, in fact, a victory. This is because you have trained for days on end and now doing it might not leave you exhausted (finally!). Yes, this means that you got so good at it that it has become your comfort zone now. This is exactly your success. Hence, you need to train your mindset not to think that your success is not valid “because it came easy”. 

You, and only YOU, can decide whether you succeeded or not. Understand the power of YOUR mindset. What might be success for others may not be success for you and what might be success for you might not be success for others. An example of my recent character development is being able to sleep through an airplane turbulence. Is that success for you? Maybe not, but for me it is!

Acknowledge your achievements and don’t hide them. Often, people that I know avoid talking about their achievements as if it is something to be ashamed of. When will our society understand that it is not bragging to talk about something you put blood, sweat and tears into? Share your success with people to inspire them, or don’t, keep it for yourself, but whatever you choose make sure you give yourself three big claps.

Adding on this, my friend just told me how hard the past few weeks have been for her and to me that sounds like the perfect time for reflection. Why did that happen? How did it make me feel? What was my reaction? How do I want to feel and react the next time I face a similar issue? The next time the same thing happens, reflect on it and measure your success.


Clap for yourself for big achievements, clap for yourself for small achievements. Clap and own your success, but don’t try to hide it from yourself because you know you deserve it.

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