3 Ways to Embrace Our New Normal…Even When We Don’t Know What It Is!

2020 was an absolute mess! No need to mince words here; the year of 2020 will go down in history as a year of chaos disappointment, struggle, fear, and worst of all, disrespect. We were exposed to a crippling pandemic; a horror that we have not seen anything remotely close since the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. We saw a government that failed to instill a sense of security in its people and portray a sense of pride to our overseas counterparts. We saw racial tensions reach an all-time high and operate at a level akin to the Civil Rights protests of the 1960s. And the battle to keep food on the table, hold down a job, and keep small businesses open was a day-to-day and week-to-week struggle.  

These are the facts of the year 2020. However, they do not need to be the facts or the truth that YOU operate in going forward. That is an entirely different thing altogether. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and even more critical to women entrepreneurs. As a business owner,  establishing your truth going forward will literally make or break your business. Let’s talk about ways in which you can embrace this great unknown that all of us will soon be a part of…The New Normal.

 KNOW that this situation is both uncertain and temporary!  

As terrible as the current climate (economic, social, mental, and healthwise is right now, you CAN use this time to your advantage for both your personal progress and for the progress (or pivot) of your business affairs. 

  1. Use this time WISELY! Reflect on who you want to be during this time and most importantly, AFTER we come out on the other side of this season! This applies to you and your business or mission
  2. Focus on what is within your control. Worrying about things we cannot control may be a natural reaction…but it can also be very destructive. Take this time to focus on more efficient ways to conduct your business or generate more leads for your business virtually. Concern yourself with regular virtual check ins with loved ones. 
  3. It’s good to be informed, but it is also a REALLY good idea to take breaks from conversations, news, and information related to COVID-19. Limit your “news and updates” time each day. Your mental health will thank you for it!

Adjustment is a process that is NOT “one size fits all”! 

Everyone is trying to figure this thing out…you are not alone. And, while you may feel some pressure to stay mentally “sane” and handle your business, there are those who are struggling even more. This includes your family, friends, business partners, and clients. 

  1. Respect  where you are in the process of getting adjusted to this new way of living (this is where some self-compassion can go a long way). Give others this same respect…this includes loved one and clients and customers.
  2. Check in with where your friends, family, and clients are in their adjustment process and to seek to truly understand their wants and needs at this time. And, don’t forget to tell them what you want and need too!

Setting a routine can be VERY helpful and may add a sense of “normalcy” 

It is very easy to become a fixture on your couch or sleep extras hours during this time of pandemic lockdown. However, this sets the stage for poor habits and lack of progress to take root. The sooner we can get back to a set routine that is very similar to our normal routine pre-pandemic, it can have significant mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

  1. Make sure to schedule set time EACH day for your physical and emotional health, fun, creatively, social connection, and stress relief!
  2. Know that it is okay to set boundaries, even with family members, friends, and clients. This will help you stick to a daily routine that will have long reaching benefits for you and your productivity.

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