The Last Sprint: Staying Motivated When You Are Close to the End Goal

As a business owner there are many ups and downs, exhausting and rewarding moments at the same time. Then there is that feeling of the “last sprint”. That feeling of tiredness when you have been doing a project for a long time, whether that is the launch of your business, launching a new product or simply making an idea come to reality. Hence, when we get to the “last sprint” in our business goals, mission or project, we are tempted to give up or get “lazy”. This is a very detrimental and “costly” mistake. So here you can find genuine advice for entrepreneurs and how to keep going on the last sprint. 

The last sprint of a  marathon is everything at once: scary, exhausting, tiring, exciting, seemingly very long and very short at the same time. People tend to be self-sabotaging in the last sprint. This is why we need to understand our feelings and emotions, so we act accordingly in order to avoid self-sabotage, to stay focused and just as determined and driven as we were when we started the “marathon” when we are nearing the finish line.

The temptation to stop, to rest, to give up or reduce your efforts is stronger than EVER as we get close to our end goals…especially if we face opposition as we near completion. At this point everything becomes questionable. Why am I doing this? Is it worth it? Is it enough? Should I feel like this? But, don’t worry and don’t dare give up. Yes, it is worth it. Yes, you are far ahead and yes, it is even more than enough. Avoid reducing your efforts just because you are near the finish line of the set up goals, you can take a short break to recharge, but do not be tempted to slow down or stop the momentum. This is the time to either keep up the speed or speed up (depending on how long the sprint is).

You just ran a three month marathon. You cannot slow down now in the last few weeks of it. Keep going and remember that there will always be another marathon and another sprint to run. Here are some tips on how to overcome the temptation to slow down the momentum of the last sprint:

  1. Taking “breaks” are not your enemy, but “giving up” is. You need to take regular breaks in order to give yourself and body the rest it needs in order to recharge and keep going. However, taking a break should not be done by giving up just before the end, you are so close, just keep going!
  2. Make routines. Routines will help you keep your efforts and energy levels constant throughout your days. We suggest developing morning and night-time routines which will give you the break your mind needs every day with the aim to avoid feeling of stagnation and burnout in your energy levels. 
  3. Allow your loved ones to be there for you. Sometimes you do not want to disturb or worry your loved ones so you tend to distance yourselves from them in order to “protect” them. Instead, it is better if you allow them to be there for you and support you in the whole process. They will also serve as accountability partners to you which would decrease your chances of giving up. 
  4. Stay healthy. You cannot outsmart your body, if it is tired it cannot function with its full potential. Stay healthy so that it can provide the energy you need to fulfill your tasks and goals. A healthy diet, and getting some sort of movement in your days (yoga, working out etc.) will relax your body and re-energize you so you can finish the tasks giving them your maximum attention. 


Take time to plan your marathons ahead. Take time to understand the industry you are in and your competition so you can also plan your energy effectively ahead. Sometimes you will need to rest and sometimes you will need to speed up, but don’t stop once you have started because the finish line is closer than you think. Be mindful of your time and practice to be a healthy entrepreneur. 

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