About Us

Bloominar is training and webinar portal that provides support to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and non-profit founders. Based in Chicago, IL under the parent company, BIBO Worldwide, LLC, Bloominar offers a range of live training webinars, on-demand courses and other programs.


Helping YOU and your business BLOOM…through virtual education
Bloominar offers fast, high quality and cost-effective virtual on demand and live webinar training. Our mission is to provide comprehensive training that is both convenient and affordable. We understand the financial challenges many small businesses face, yet, they need to invest in training and information to grow and flourish. It is a vicious cycle. Bloominar fills that gap by providing no fluff, detailed training in areas every business needs to flourish. And, this training is available without breaking the bank!

Traci S. Campbell

Bloominar Training Development Manager

Traci is the founder and lead trainer at Bloominar. Traci’s background is in providing media, software testing and training, project management and business consulting services. She has over 20 years’ experience in information technology, 6 years in training, and over 8 years in media. Traci has created and run many live and on-demand courses and webinars for entrepreneurs. Traci heads up BIBO Worldwide, LLC which produces quality “infotainment” programming on AM/FM radio, podcast, and digital TV. She is also the proud founder of the BIBO Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to the growth and mentorship of disadvantaged young women.