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We, entrepreneurs, can never stop learning. Whether you are completely new to entrepreneurship OR you have a few years under your entrepreneurial belt, we have something for you.

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Whether you prefer the comfort of learning at your own pace through an on-demand virtual course, or the excitement and engagement of a live training event, we make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your learning experience!


Bloominar provides certificates for all its training events and courses. You can upload these certificates in your public profiles and on social media to WOW more clients!

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Industry Leaders

Bloominar is backed and supported by professionals with many years of experience not only being entrepreneurs, but also providing training and support to other entrepreneurs and non-profit founders.

On-demand and Live Options

Choose which path suits you best and get the very BEST experience for you

Focused Training

We value your time. Thus, we offer focused, to-the-point, but comprehensive training opportunities

A selection of our bestsellers for you to try out


Email Elevation

This course is designed for help you successfully create, grow and maintain a thriving ...

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Traffic Jumpstart System

This course is designed for help you successfully drive targeted traffic to your website.

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Traffic to Sales Success System

This course is designed for help you improve your understanding of the essential concepts necessary

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Over 20 years' experience in technology, media, training, and consulting

Traci S. Campbell

Traci is the founder and lead trainer at Bloominar.  Traci’s background is in providing media, software testing and training, project management and business consulting services. She has over 20 years’ experience in information technology, 6 years in training, and over 8 years in media. Traci has created and run many live and on-demand courses and webinars for entrepreneurs. She is also the proud founder of the BIBO Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to the growth and mentorship of disadvantaged young women.

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